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Thread: How do I get an IT job in Mumbai?

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    How do I get an IT job in Mumbai?

    How do I get an IT job in Mumbai? What vacancies should I search?

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    Depends on how badly you want it.
    1) Ask for referrals: It is always good to know someone working in an industry where you wish to break in. For instance, knowing someone who works in advertising could land you the post of an unpaid intern at the very least. Similarly, talking to people may alert you to upcoming recruitment drivers or openings at a particular firm.
    2) Have resume mentions people trust: With more people than ideal candidates, jobs in Mumbaiare competitively placed. Employers constantly look for something that signifies value and quality. Having prior experience with trusted brands or names can allow them to seriously consider you.
    3) Talk to neighbours: The city of Mumbai is built on the spirit of survival every day, week after week. So it is always a good idea to stay in touch with acquaintances and neighbours. Everyone needs a helping hand at some point in time, so you never know when a co-tenant may lead you to an opening somewhere.
    4) Follow digital groups and newspaper classifieds: Online Facebook groups and classifieds are two outlets where people regularly post requirements for new entrants or interns. Following these can help in seeking out an interview faster.
    Happy job-seeking!

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    Finding job depends on your approach for companies. Donít apply for jobs on any job portal like naukri, freshersworld . These platforms will ask you for premium account which will increase your visibility to recruiters but that will not help you to get a job. I recommend to use Jobsora it provide modern search engine and comfortable filters.

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