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Thread: Too many Table Header

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    Question Too many Table Header

    so I wanted to make a table with 26 table headers and an unlimited big body.
    But now all header are written among themselves, does anyone know how to fix this?
    Best regards Azoni

    PS: Im using this template :
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    13 The default navbar (see example) appears to be what you want. If you copy the code and put it in your page, it should work just like the example. If it does not, you're missing jquery or bootstrap (access). To troubleshoot look at the source of the page (in your favorite browser), then click on the jquery link, followed by the bootstrap links (including css). If any of them fail to display, you have to fix that first.

    Oh, and in case I misunderstood what your problem is, the navbar can only have so many links displaying at one time (across). If there are too many, you will need to combine some under a drop down.
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