Puri Hair To make meches you must also use tinfoil It will be necessary to wrap the strands inside the aluminum foil THE PROCEDURE Wash your hair and carefully comb it with the aid of a brush or a wide-toothed comb. It is important that there are no knots. You will not need to use a hair dryer but you have to dab them with a towel to remove excess water. Wear the cap with the holes if you intend to get thin red streaks . Otherwise, to facilitate the task, divide the foliage into sections. In the special bowl pour and mix together the bleach and the oxygen in cream and apply it on the locks that you want to lighten. At the same time, while applying the product, wrap the strands in aluminum foil. Perform the operation as quickly as possible so that the laying is the same for all the strands. To this end, it is advisable to get help from someone. The laying times may be different. Each brand and product can indicate one different from the other. Usually, the shutter speed is about 20 minutes. Rinse the hair carefully and carefully and apply the nourishing mask supplied in the kit. Leave it on for at least 15-20 minutes and proceed with rinsing and drying the hair. Red streaks treatment requires nourishing masks on the hair After making red streaks it is important to apply a mask WHO THE RED STREAKS LOOK GOOD FOR The red streaks are particularly suitable for women aged bezels hair or dark. This does not prevent you from trying the nuance variants even to blonde women. The red streaks of brown hair or dark can give, the woman who chooses this shade, a natural effect and shine to the hair and face. It is essential not to exceed the oxygen volumes and limit yourself to not exceeding 4 tones. The red streaks of blond hair , however, allows you to create volumes and effect depth. It is therefore a treatment indicated with wavy or curly hair and a fine and thin structure. On very dark or black hair , on the other hand, this type of coloring creates very evident and marked contrasts. The treatment will highlight the strong, determined and sensual personality of every woman.