Velofel Do not drive your wife to the areas the place you have been together with your mistress. The waiters can recognize you and say hey, and there you won’t get any questions. Three. Don't make along with your mistress soft correspondence on your home computer. Be vigilant, as they say - "God protects the cherished." four. No matter how difficult you need to carry your mistress house, don't do it. She will be able to “by chance” go away lipstick on the sink or her panties, again, utterly “by accident” fall at the back of the couch ... And bet who will in finding the great first? 5. Have sex together with his spouse. If you happen to discontinue paying attention to her on this sense, she may be suspicious of anything fallacious, and a sexually convinced lady is less alert. 6. Check with a secret lover a clear time table of your dates. To inform your spouse in advance which days you're going to no longer have time for supper. Make up fair factors for her to not fear. If suddenly probably the most scheduled conferences does not take position, still do not sleep home early, so as to not arouse suspicion. 7. You probably have babies, then do not believe that in entrance of them which you can freely talk on the cell along with his mistress. Watch out, that you may count on a lot from the youngsters: “mother, and in these days dad promised Aunt Luce on the phone to buy pink panties, however I additionally wish to!” 8. Watch your neck and back. You understand what I mean. To beautiful female claws did not leave any marks on the body. 9. Ask your lady friend to not use perfume, argue that you like her average body scent. I don’t even mention lipstick, I consider you yourself are aware of it. 10. Let no longer now, but in the close future you will ought to whole your romance. A double existence does no longer result in whatever just right; you will have to find out about it from the very commencing. Finally, it’s as much as you simplest, however don’t make the unsuitable choice.