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    Ultra Fast Keto Boost This dosha influences visual perception, thirst, hunger, courage . It is based in the liver when it is in balance, you digest well and manage to manage complex situations better, says the expert. But if it is excessively present (because you ate too salty foods or acids, such as tomatoes, kiwi and citrus), it causes an exaggerated sensation of heat and burning, hunger and intense thirst and difficulty sleeping, as well as inducing intestinal fermentation, inflammation and excessive sweating . Kapha has the power to unite and nurture . Its main site is the immune system. When you are in balance, you have a deep and peaceful sleep, you are focused and remember things better, reveals Dr. Muscarella. An excess (perhaps due to a binge of fried food, sweets and cold dishes) causes lethargy, a sense of heaviness , cooling, weakness of the limbs, coughing, difficult breathing. Furthermore, weight gains and water and fat accumulate , becoming weak . Perhaps you have already noticed this by reading the lines above even if to a different extent, according to Ayurveda, bringing cold food to the table is counterproductive for all doshas. It is no coincidence that the menus you find on the following pages make you focus on hot, lukewarm or soupy ones, rarely even offering raw vegetables , which in summer diets are the masters. In the hot season it is then better to limit (or eliminate completely) the fried and the meat , in particular the red one and the sausages. Yes to fresh dairy products and small fish , as cereals are promoted , especially basmati rice. Small doses, however, for buckwheat, because it is very warm. In the hot season we must then drink, drink and drink again , urges the Ayurvedic operator. As we know, water is the key element to face the summer heat and according to ayurveda it is necessary to take 2 liters a day (strictly at room temperature) to counteract the loss of liquids caused by increased sweating. Furthermore, the water should be sipped little by little throughout the day , so as to be able to digest it better, also avoiding having to run to the bathroom all the time . They are to avoid carbonated soft drinks and packaged juices often added sugar and sweeteners.

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    Keto diet can really affect weight loss, but it is more effective together with cbd oil. Cbd oil (especially vaped via adequate device and cookies vape pen battery ) normalizes appetite, favors weight loss and has zero side effects. As for me, it is even better than any diets or other limitations.

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