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    Life Nutra Keto This means that successful weight maintenance can only be achieved if it is accepted that there is a problem for a lifetime and that there must be a commitment to overcome the primary cause of the problem. Weight maintenance therefore does not start when the desired weight is reached but it should be part of the initial considerations when the person seeks help for the first time. In truth, some therapists only provide weight loss assistance when it becomes part of a lifestyle change agreement. If this kind of strict proposal is justified, it is still a matter for discussion, but the principle on which it is based is correct. The author knows how to get rid of weight and how patients can avoid winning it again. The difficulty lies in ensuring that the patient follows the intrusions in a free environment. All principles for improving the control of human behavior are used to help people follow a healthy lifestyle and maintain good conditions for the rest of their lives. If this is combined with a good understanding of nutrition and the person is committed to a higher level of physical activity, maintaining long-term healthy weight can be achieved. The result of much research suggests that overweight people should be provided with all weight reduction methods that have proven to be efficient. At present there is sufficient scientific evidence based on clinical studies that justify the use of a balanced diet in nutrients but with a caloric value lower than 800 kcal / d. A moderate and balanced very low calorie diet (VLCD) is a safe and effective method of weight reduction. More than 400 recent scientific publications that include more than 50,000 patients demonstrate that VLCDs do not produce pathological consequences. This is confirmed by clinical experience for more than 20 years where more than 20,000,000 people have participated. In general there are some contraindications and precautions for the application of any type of diet and not only to the VLCD. VLCDs are a long-term weight reduction management method. The best measure to stabilize the weight is to change the lifestyle and for this the VLCD constitute an excellent program. SUMMARY Obesity is one of the greatest problems of public health at present. Its origin is complex and multifactorial.

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    Health is our biggest treasure, and I must confess I enjoy the fact that natural supplements and healthy food are very demanded today, cannabidiol in general is a new trend in pharmacology, medicine, food and beverage industries (I personally prefer cannabis vaporizer ).

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