Nitro Strength Take a deep breath and keep your breath, squat. Start off with the pelvis retracted. Go right down to the ground quadriceps parallel. Four. At the lowest point you do now not want spring feet. Having reached it, easily, without unexpected movements, trade the course of motion and straighten up. 5. Exhalation may be carried out after overcoming the maximum tough a part of the amplitude. Exhalation is proper to hold until the moment of return to its unique function. 6. Throughout the approach, the top appears strictly in front of him. Performance Tips To stretch the buttocks and muscular tissues of the lower back of the thigh, squat just under the parallel. At the same time, keep in mind that deep squats overload your knees. Do now not placed your heels strictly under the neck, deliver them ahead, otherwise at the bottom factor you'll put weight for your ft, which negatively influences the technique of doing the workout. Keep your frame muscle groups in tension all the time. So you'll keep the backbone in its natural role, and you will now not round your lower back. If your hip joint isn't sufficiently evolved, do no longer descend too low, in any other case the danger of rounding your back will boom drastically. Throughout the method, look strictly in the front of you. Looking up you may lose your center of gravity. Tilting your head down, provoke rounding of the again. Holding the breath for the duration of the exercising allows no longer handiest to stabilize the body, but also to broaden a miles more effective force.