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Thread: Is this possible in Bootstrap

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    I am new to bootstrap and evaluating it as a possibility for building a gallery site. I am listing the following features and would like to know if it is possible to do it with Bootstrap (if necessary with themes and plugins)
    1. Multiple albums, displayed as thumbnails. Within the the albums need to display the image in a light box.
    features needed on the image displayed in the lightbox
    a. overlay caption/text at bottom/top/side
    b. social share buttons
    c. ability to tag meta data
    d. Lightbox should have slideshow option
    2. Search across the website including the meta data tags on the images
    3. adding buttons for 'sell' etc
    4. Guest book
    5. User management (register users etc)

    I am ok with a little hacking or following tuts to accomplish the above but would prefer is there are ready made tools to achieve the above.
    Have done some searches but have not been able to get satisfactory answers hence this post.

    Thanking you in advance

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    Yes this is possible with bootstrap but not with bootstrap alone.

    You would have to integrate various scripts to get the functionality you want.

    if necessary with themes and plugins
    5. User management (register users etc)
    Everything that is said here can be done with Wordpress. There are many plugins for galleries, lightbox, guestbooks, ecommerce etc... and many themes available that have been written using the bootstrap framework.

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    yep. this is possible

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