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Thread: How to apply css in bootstrap

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    How to apply css in bootstrap


    I am using drupal - bootstrap theme.

    I created a form using the webform module. I tested the form using different devices and it looks good. However, I like to make some changes. I have a date field which has 3 subfields(month,day,year). On the desktop, each of these 3 fields take 100% width of the screen and it does not look good. On the desktop, I like to place the three fields on the same row and on the mobile or table, I like to place the 3 fields on 3 separate rows. I added the below css, it does work for the desktop but it looks mess in mobile phone. Can you please help?

    HTML Code:
    #edit-submitted-eventinformation-when-month{width:30%; float:left;margin:6px; }
    #edit-submitted-eventinformation-when-day{width:30%; float:left; margin:6px;}
    #edit-submitted-eventinformation-when-year{width:36%; float:left; margin:6px;}

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    change the # to a period ' . ' and add it like so;

    <button class="edit-submitted-eventinformation-when-month">something</button>


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    Learn every thing about bootstrap

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