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Thread: Acrylic vs. Glass Aquarium

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    Acrylic vs. Glass Aquarium

    I have a 30 gallon acrylic aquarium. After a traumatic experience with a broken tank, I swore I would never have glass again. Now I'm thinking about a second aquarium, and I'm noticing that it's far easier to find a cheap used glass aquarium than an acrylic one. I've noticed that most of the tanks on here are glass, so I was wondering: why does everyone love glass so much? Do you prefer it to acrylic? Should I reconsider my "no glass tank" policy?

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    I'm currently thinking I prefer acrylic for anything over 90g. They're more resistant to developing leaks, will generally kind of "warn" you (crazing, bowing, etc) before it gives - if glass is going to go it does all at once , and they are much lighter than glass so I can move it myself if need be. More info on

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