Hey there,
I'm trying to make an input group that is inline as part of a "stay logged in" feature on a login page.

I want the layout to go:

Checkbox(Addon) | Dropdown | Input(type=Text) | Text(Addon)

I'm having trouble keeping the controls on the same line and butting-up properly.
I could just do this myself using CSS alignment and floating but, I want to learn the proper Bootstrap 3 implementation.

I've tried different combinations of separate "input-group"s and "form-inline" but, I can't get it to work.


The reason why I made this such a complicated input for "stay logged in", is to give the user more power over their cookie timeout.
I was going to use javascript to make the text input and addon appear when a custom cookie timeout is selected in the dropdown.

How do I accomplish this?

Thank you for your time.