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Thread: Timing of Submit inside Modal

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    Question Timing of Submit inside Modal

    Hi all, I have a contact form inside of a modal window. The form is working fine with PHP. I have events for validation occurring when the form submits or isn't completely filled in or the email entered is invalid however after hitting the submit button, modal window closes completely and the user cannot see if the form validated or not. Is there away for the form stay open until the user clicks "close" or outside of the window so they can see that their information was sent. Is this PHP or JS? Thank you in advance for the help.

    the form can be seen at and then by clicking the Contact button in the top right corner.


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    This looks like it should answer your question:
    To quote nobita:
    I believe you want to set the backdrop value to static. If you want to avoid the window to close when using the esc key, you have to set another value.


    <a data-controls-modal="your_div_id"

    I haven't tried, but it seems this should do the trick.

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