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Thread: Did you try to play golf?

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    Did you try to play golf?

    Did you try to play golf? Is it interesting game to start?

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    Golf will show you above anything else in the world what your true meddle is worth.
    How you re-act to bad shots, or how you re-act to a slower player than yourself.

    Ask your self this:

    Remember that first hole in one that you putted in putt-putt. What a rush it was, wasn't it?

    Golf is no different. That first time you connect the dots and hit your best drive, or hit a beautiful iron to the green and either make it or come real close. Or, you sink a 30+ foot putt. This is what drives you insane! Trying to repeat those feelings over and over again.

    This is why I play Golf. I need to feel that rush of a good drive, and then that low a poor iron shot that just ruins my day so I can search for that high of another great shot!

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    I like golf because it is a mental challenge of thinking your way around the course. I am always striving to beat my personal best. It's peaceful. It's humbling. It reveals character. It's competitive. It's social. It's a lifelong game. You can play on the same courses the professionals play on. I recommend you to try. If you need some equipment I recommend to search reviews on Golfclubguru blog

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