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Thread: Tabs with responsive accordions inside (for navigation)

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    Question Tabs with responsive accordions inside (for navigation)

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and to Bootstrap (I know some basic HTML/CSS but not much beyond that).
    Now that I've figured out what Boostrap actually is I believe its website examples (possibly along with a free template or two) will be sufficient to help me get started with my responsive website.

    However, I could need help with the FAQ section of the site which will be more complicated because of its navigation system which I suggest should be something like this:

    First, (being a large FAQ) I'm going to split it up into 3 sections. Tabs at the top should handle this, and each tab should contain the appropriate FAQ section content (text/images).
    An accordion inside each of the 3 tab sections will be used to neatly organize the questions/answers.
    And on the right hand side will be a navigation system to quickly access the different FAQ questions (the one used in this Bootstrap example looks nice as it follows the page scrolling). The whole page/site should be responsive.

    I've found several responsive tabs and likewise accordions, but none that combine the two (tabs with accordions inside). Is there anything like that around, or an easy way to implement this?
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