Hi everyone new poster here

I have a site that uses Bootstrap, that works OK.
In said site I use a javascript library for making a linear slider out of form input values.

Both these options work fine until bootstrap collapses the menu, at this point 2 of my 5 sliders stop responding, the other 3 continue to work fine.

The section that holds the sliders is loaded by Ajax depending on the viewport size when the page is refreshed, at first I thought it was a scope issue but it works fine on 3/5 and they are all coded the same.

The only thing that is consistant is that as soon as the width reduces to collapse the menu they stop working.

The site is www.myfrenchproperty.com so you can see the issue, set your browser to 780px width and hit the search menu option you'll see all 5 sliders work, now reduce the browsers width until the menu collapses and try the bottom two again.

I'm out of ideas on this one so if anyone can shine light on the problem ?