I prefer to dive headfirst into things, using examples as reference points. Someone was kind enough to "convert" my site to Bootstrap, and I've been trying to play with it since, to get an understanding of how it all works. However, I've quickly become stuck on a problem:

Whenever I click on one of the bottom nav link tabs, it properly displays the content in the window, but, if I try to click back to the top nav link tab, nothing happens. To be clear, if I clicked on, say, "Althon" and then "Contact", I would be able to click on "Home" and everything would be fine. However, if I clicked on "Althon" after clicking connect, nothing would happen. My assumption is that the problem is in how the classes are called, where it's not updating properly. However, I have no idea where to begin to test my issue but I can learn from the mistake and move on.