If you do not like to leave the house unadorned, you can cheat with some concealer, foundation and a layer of mascara. And: do not forget the eyebrows. These are best dyed with a professional - this saves work. 5. Shimmering body lotion Have you always thought, men do not notice anyway, whether you use body lotion in the summer or not? Again a mistake. Men pay close attention to how well-groomed your skin looks and get glowing eyes, especially with creams that contain slightly shimmering shine particles. With this information, the summer can not come fast enough. Trick # 1: Apply mascara in zig-zag Awaderm That mascara is the best way to artificially condense the eyelashes, we are all well aware. But not only the right brush is important, but also the technique when applying. For more fullness and an optical eyelash extension always grab a brush with thick bristles and apply the paint in zig-zag movements. Attach to the root and then gently rock to and fro until you reach the ends of the hair. This not only provides more volume, but separates the eyelashes perfectly. This avoids the typical flylegs. Trick # 2: 3D effect for more volume If you have the technique for applying mascara on it first, you can dare to the next trick. Apply first a layer of mascara, let it dry briefly and then shower only the tips of the eyelashes with a brown mascara. Finally, another layer of black mascara can be applied. This provides a three-dimensional effect that makes the eyelashes appear much fuller.