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Thread: Resources for public domain and cc pictures

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    Resources for public domain and cc pictures

    Usually, I'm creating images by myself for my projects but It takes a lot of time and effort.I'm trying to avoid using images from not even when it declared as free because I heard horror stories about people being sued because of copyright issues.Anyway recently heard about public domain and cc images, and I thought that it can make my lie easier.I just wanted to understand if there are small letters that I should be aware of because it's hard to believe that it's totally free. What little details I should know before using such images.
    And if you know a resource or a site of totally copyright free images(without any restrictions or conditions) I would be very grateful if you share a link because I'm really looking for such a resource that I would use it freely and without worries.
    ohh and just one more question what is the difference between public domain and cc opyright license?

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    So where are the resources?

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