Greetings everyone,

I'm trying to work on a Jsfiddle modification that i can implement on my site to customize its layout. You can check it out here :
I'd say it looks decent now, when applied, considering what i want -> apart from the youtube video that's stretched and not integrated in the Grid.

Could someone be so kind and replace my last Image (noaptea.jpg) with my youtube embed (included in the fiddle) and scale it correctly in my grid in the last box?

I would like the Youtube video inside to fill the box of the grid as much as possible while keeping the correct proportions. I've tried multiple online recommendations, but i'm just not there yet.

Thank you for all the possible support! You can fork my jsfiddle and leave a copy here if you want or just give me the proper lines for the code. I really appreciate it. Just need one example to get me going!
Have a nice weekend!

P.s. Under this grid presentation, i plan to put an Owl Carousel for the same category products. If you have a recommendation in mind here, i'd love to hear it, considering it's my next step.