this is my first post in this forum and I hope, I'm right here and you can help me.

I have to create a web-template from an existing psd-example. To make it easier for me and to make it easy for responsibility I decided to use the BootstrapFramework.
The page ist structured like this:

<div class="container">
<div class="headerimage"> ... </div>
<div class="carousel"> ... </div>
<div class="topmenu"> ... </div>
<div class="container maincontent"> ... </div>
<div class="container footer"> ... </div>

The main things are working.

But I want to realise the following:

1. if the page is scrolled up to the top, the headerimage and the carousel and the topmenu are showed completely.
2. if the page is scrolled down, the carousel should reduce the height upto a special smallest height.

Is it realiseable with Bootstrap-Tools? And if "yes", could you explain me the "how"?! or give me a Weblink to read and anderstand it!?!

Thanks a lot.

with best regards.