Good Morning experts. Newbie D here.
As a newbie, at this point, after 2 days of investigations, I am assuming this can not be done - but as a last ditch effort, I am reaching out to the community.
I am using SmartAdmin (and love it) as my "batter". I came across, and was exciting to integrate this top level menu system into my project.
As I understood from the context, it uses the standard bootstrap construction, so, easy right?
So, a naked version of it is here:
and integrated into SmartAdmin is here:

The only assets I had to add were MegaNavbar.css, navbar-inverse.css, and animation.css. All other assets were already being called (general bootstrap assets).
I can't figure out what the conflict is?
Is it that you can only have one nav in an instance?
you would think then (I would think anyway, like I said, newbie) that the SmartAdmin sidebar nav would go funky, but it and all other components still work fine.
I just don't get it, and am frustrated and feeling like an idiot.

Can someone throw me a bone? Thanks!