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Thread: can't get loading gif to show

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    can't get loading gif to show


    I have an MVC application that uses boostrap. I have a page that requires some time to load some data. So I created a div with an <img> tag that references a loading animation such as this:

    The problem is I get a broken image icon on the page:

    Here is how I'm referencing it:

    <div id="loadingDiv"><img id="loadingImg" style="width: 80px;" src="~/Features/Shared/Images/loading.gif" /></div>

    This is exactly where I store the image. 'Features' is a top level folder in my project.

    I know that elsewhere in our application, if we want to load an image or an animation, you use bootstrap's CSS. So I tried that:

    <div id="loadingDiv" class="fa fa-spinner"></div>

    And it gives me this:

    This is a bit better as a little spinner shows up, but it's not animating and it's not large enough.

    So my question is two-fold:

    1) If I'm using bootstrap in an MVC application, is the <img> tag still usable?

    2) If I have to use bootstrap's CSS (fa-spinner):
    -How can I get animation?
    -How can I adjust the size?
    -How can I add my own image/animation?

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