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Thread: Bootstrap 3 - grid layout - position of elements within row/column

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    Bootstrap 3 - grid layout - position of elements within row/column

    I'm using Bootstrap 3 (with ReactJS - but I don't think this is relevant here). I'm using a grid layout wrapped in a fixed container, not fluid.

    Generically, what is recommended for horizontal/vertical positioning of divs/elements within a column? Is there already something that is part of bootstrap, or do I need to manually create my own css classess to do it?
    I'll give you an example:
    I've got a simple react component 'header' which is on all website. It's just a row with two columns.

    the split of the two columns is 4 (left) / 8 (right).

    Now, the one of right contains:

    <h3>Quote from a famous person</h3>
    <p>name of the famous poet</p>
    It should look as follows (in terms of alignment:

    HTML Code:
    Quote from a famous person that spans over two lines of
    text which Is automatically done due to width of the column.
    So how do I
    - centre both elements vertically within this row?
    - adjust to the right alignment of name_of_famous_person?

    If the answer is to do it manually in css, I'm fine with it. I'm just new to bootstrap and not sure if there's anything predefined in bootstrap that I should use for both questions.

    Thank you


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    <p style="text-align: left;>
    now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. </p>

    A simple text alignment will work.(left or center or right)

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