Hi everyone,

Very new tothe forum so pardon me in advance if this is not the right way to ask a question.
I'm trying to work with the flexbox vertical alignment of bootstrap and kind of a noob developing wise.
Currently working on a local server using npm and grunt on my project.

working on mac.

I installed boostrap through npm -> npm install bootstrap@4.0.0-alpha.4 --save-dev

and then I ran "npm install" in the newly created bootstrap directory to install all the dependencies.

I then installed the gem bundler
then trying to run bundle install got me this error:
Could not locate Gemfile or .bundle/ directory

figured the gem bundle is not so important so I just kept on going

to include bootstrap in my project I just import the main bootsrap.css file in the bootstrap dist folder it works but I'm not sure this is the right way to do it.
I also import the javascript from the dist directory.

bootstrap seems to work but the flex box doesn't even though I changed flexbox variable to true and recompiled. I do get the 'display:flex' attribute on the row and the vertical-align: auto-selfon the li.
which seem to mean that flex is working. The vertical align doesnt work though.

What am I doing wrong? ( probably a ton of things) what are your recommendations to install the v4...
also tried directly importing from the cdn, it made no difference.

to test flexbox I just imported the html code from the bootstrap online doc.
and set the row div to 10 rem.

HTML Code:
                         <div class="container" style="min-height: 10rem;">
			  <div class="row">
			    <div class="col-xs flex-xs-top">
			      One of three columns
			    <div class="col-xs flex-xs-middle">
			      One of three columns
			    <div class="col-xs flex-xs-bottom">
			      One of three columns