Yii2 framework uses Bootstrap 3 as its default CSS framework. There are plenty of interface widgets extending form Bootstrap, so it is very convenient to adhere to Bootstrap while developing under Yii2.

Nevertheless, default Bootstrap theme has one serious disadvantage - it is very abusive in terms of screen real estate: inputs are large, keep unnecessary wide padding and margin, table and form gutter are spacious, overall feeling is like the theme was developed with people with visual disabilities in mind.

This is great unless one has to build an application using screen space in a more intensive manner. Consequently, I am looking for a modified Bootstrap theme of much denser feel. Something where base desktop font size is 12px and of seriously reduced padding and margins.

I am not a frontend specialist, so I do not like to do it myself as there is a risk I miss some less trivial dependencies and render application prone to display errors on more complex widgets (like Select 2 dropdowns, grid tables, etc.). I would love to take some "ready made" full Bootstrap theme developed by a frontend specialist with dense views in mind. Especially I would appreciate SCSS version of styles (but this is not critical).

Any idea? - Thanks head!