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Thread: How to design a full-screen, scroll-down photography website using bootstrap

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    Question How to design a full-screen, scroll-down photography website using bootstrap

    Hi Guys,

    Happy Friday and I wish everyone here an awesome start to the weekend.

    I really love how the following websites work:

    These new website where you're able to scroll down, view big images, funky typography, great use of white space and the ability to view websites properly on different devices i.e. iPhone, iPad, PC etc.

    I would really love to learn how to code a website of that type from scratch. Can anyone be kind enough in pointing me in the right direction?

    Useful websites, video tutorials etc

    I'm a good user of bootstrap and general html and javascript

    With the right advice, I feel it will be a lot of fun to learn and I need a website so that customers know that the photography is genius and there's a bit of background story behind it too.

    Lastly, does anyone know how you have an image as a full-screen background?

    Many thanks

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    I can advice to use ready templates for your website. I recently made my own and used Moto CMS3 template provided by It is easy in use.

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    I've recently explored the subject of new tendencies in web design and found out about the modern projects that focus on new directions in website building like that one on These guys created a pretty simple project, but it is supposed to become popular and attract a big audience. Personally I find such projects to be a fresh idea for web masters and a helpful tool for creating a unique website design. Hopefully, someone will also like this novelty!

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