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Thread: Custom navbar search

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    Custom navbar search

    I'm trying to create a navbar which has a brand logo on the left and several links on the right, in the middle is a search text box which takes up 100% of the remaining space. I've found a solution to this, but the solution doesn't allow the search text bar to also appear when rendered on a mobile device (with a brand icon and the 'hamburger' icon on the right), again taking up 100% of the remaining space.

    The links that appear on the right when displayed on a desktop can change in their amount, so the search text box needs to be dynamic and not have a fixed width.

    Has anyone come across a solution to this, or anyone have any ideas? Thanks very much in advance.

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    What you can do is to create a second search field (copy of the original) place in the body, set this field's class to be "hidden-md visible-sm visible-xs".
    This way, the second search field will be visible only when the screen mobile size is mobile.

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