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Thread: How to Customize Collpase menu breakpoints

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    How to Customize Collpase menu breakpoints


    I am new to Bootstrap. I have checked the collapse menu in Bootstap
    presetly it is collapsing in and under 767px. Can I customize this collapse behaviour to any pixel breakpoints.
    Means if i want collapse behaviour in 768 or 991px breakpoints, how can it possible. Is there any shortcut for this.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Of course you can. Bootstrap has 4 break points that work very well for desktop down to mobile (see
    There are two ways to do this, however it can be quite a task to get everything correct.
    You can create your own breaks in the web page itself using a css file placed inside the page (css in web the page over-rides the bootstrap file).
    Or you can change it in the bootstrap file itself, note that there are many command for these points that deal with various things, like font size etc.

    Take a look at my web site (its' in build right now, but you can an idea of how the break points work)

    Good Luck

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