I work for the public school system in Louisville, KY. I'm testing out how to display attendance data four our schools, approximately 180 schools total. During initial development I filtered the dataset down to show data for just one school Everything worked great -- switching between tabs was extremely quick. However, when I removed the filter and started passing data in for every school, it's taking between 7-10 seconds to switch from one tab to another. My first thought was that it's a rather large dataset so maybe it's just taking a while to load. Using jQuery I placed a console message in the window.load event so I could tell when the page was finished loading. The initial load of the page is still pretty quick -- about 5 seconds. After it was fully loaded I tried switching to another tab -- and using the tab onclick event I sent another console message telling me that the new tab had been selected. This message gets displayed immediately, but then there's still the 7-10 second lag before switching to it. At this point, I've removed all data from the initial non-active tabs -- so they are loading to an empty tab. The only data is what gets loaded initially into the active tab. If I don't load any data at all, switching between the tabs becomes extremely quick again.

Any suggestions why the large dataset would be causing such a delay between switching tabs?