Hi all,

So I've been working on my first portfolio website on and off for about 3 months and it's been really challenging, I feel like I'm making progress and what I've created so far is 'looking' ok - but what I haven't had yet is any feedback from more experienced coders about the quality or functionality of what I've created. I would really appreciate some honest feedback about my site as it stands now, what it's missing, what needs improving etc. and what I should be doing in future to further develop and progress. So far I feel I have a reasonably good understanding of Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3, and I have a developing knowledge of JavaScript / Jquery, and PHP., but I feel like I'm venturing forward fairly blind - so a little guidance, no matter how small would be much appreciated!


I'm building a site because I ultimately am seeking a career in web development so have been teaching myself in my spare time.

Apologies if this is the wrong forum btw.