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Thread: New Bootstrap3 Skin

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    New Bootstrap3 Skin

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Tim and i represent a team of designers determined to bring you the best possible design built on top of Bootstrap. We are currently working on a kit that you can import in your existing Bootstrap3 project for a customized design.

    I personally find that using Bootstrap straight out of the bos doesn't solve design. More customization is needed. That is how the idea for this kit came. What about you? Have you had this problem while working with Bootstrap? Do you usually customize the basic Bootstrap deisgn in your products? Would you find a kit useful?

    Would really like to hear your thoughts and comments.

    If you are looking for new products or just inspiration, be sure to check out:

    All the best,

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    Hi, thanks for the offer, that would be interesting to check your works, really. What about this website how to withdraw from mr bet , could you create anything similar?

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