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Thread: Eliminate Manu Collapse Breakpoint

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    Eliminate Menu Collapse Breakpoint

    I am a long time user of Bootstrap, but sadly still on v3.3.6. I am presently in the last stage of a redesign of my site but have a major problem. Given that my site is very content heavy I require 34 separate menu items. Many are stacked with dropdowns and dropdowns have dropdowns. Thus for differing size viewports I require a different menu layout for each size range (600, 800, 1020, and 1200 breakpoints). My breakpoints work just fine. The problem is that in the 768 to 600 range the bootstrap collapse menu shows up and overwrites my md range menu. Is there anyway to 'block' or 'eliminate' the bootstrap collapse menu?

    My test site can be viewed here.

    TIA for any assistance
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