Grow Extra Inches Does it make sense to train to a complete “outage”? Golden words on this account were said by eight-time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney: “Muscles must be bombed, but not killed!” Simply put, do not go too far. The uniformity of training is the worst enemy of the muscles and psyche. At EVERY workout, make at least one change to the complex for a muscle group. For example, the last time you did a barbell lift and concentrated lift for biceps. Then today replace the concentrated lift with a sitting dumbbell lift. Sleep for muscle development is no less important than proper nutrition. Eight hours of continuous sleep is a minimum for a bodybuilder. Do not rely entirely on supplements. No need to buy everything that the market offers. It is much more reasonable to spend money only on the necessary - creatine, glutamine and whey protein. Remember: the main source of nutritious foods is natural foods. The bodybuilder should consider taking nootropics - the so-called "mind-based" supplements. Of course, they do not have direct muscle growth. But, they stimulate the brain, increase the ability to concentrate. And she plays a key role in intensive training. Remember to take Vitamin C! This inexpensive supplement has tons of benefits. First, ascorbic acid is a powerful antioxidant. Secondly, it participates in the synthesis of tissues and increases insulin sensitivity. In addition, as scientists recently discovered, vitamin C regulates the ratio of cortisol and testosterone. Optimum dose: 2000-3000 mg per day. Performing a set, try to feel the muscle biomechanics of movement as deep as possible.

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