Grow Extra Inches I feel, think and act in an integrated way and I am satisfied. Truth and opportunity are values that children and adolescents will thank us for. When we do not know a subject, or do not know how to handle it, it will be necessary to investigate it and / or seek bibliographic support or the advice of a specialist. Young people know how to differentiate when we are hiding information and when we do not know the answer. If we choose to seek more information, do not wait for the child or adolescent to ask us again to assume our responsibility to continue the pending issue. There is a high level of bibliographic update in our country with excellent professional management that, through cartoons in books and films, provide us with great support. I consider that to talk about sexual education with children and adolescents, the use of drawings is indispensable. To talk about sex is to refer only to the biological; For example, boys are sad and girls are vulva. On the other hand, talking about sexuality also includes what feelings, beliefs and attitudes I have about being a girl or being a boy, and how to relate to each other. Sex education includes sexuality. With you when they need it - not only when you want to. For a long time there was the belief "you have to wait for the child to ask ... don't anticipate." Today we know that children who do not ask, are drowning in doubts and are more exposed to probable sexual abuse. A lower sex education since childhood, young people start their sex life earlier. The first tool to combat sexual abuse is sexual education - and that is co-responsibility of family-school-government. In our article yesterday The Twelve Steps of Sexual Education of Children (I) we talk about the first six of a series of twelve steps to follow in the sexual education of our children. Today we complete the delivery of the twelve steps to give a correct and healthy sexual education to your children.