Keto Slim 7 Despite being a natural substance, uric acid in high amounts can cause health problems. Among the most common, we can mention gout and the emergence of kidney stones. Both health conditions are extremely uncomfortable and can cause a lot of pain. Anyone who is diagnosed with the condition should usually follow a strict high uric acid diet to normalize acid levels in the body and prevent complications. We'll give you tips on what to eat and what to do to prevent health complications due to the high level of uric acid in the body. Uric acid is a substance naturally present in our body. It is formed from the breakdown of molecules such as purine, which is found in various foods. A condition also known as hyperuricemia, excess uric acid in the body occurs due to problems in the metabolism of the substance. In an ideal condition, uric acid is transported in the blood, passes into the kidneys and is ultimately eliminated in the urine. If this mechanism fails, the gut becomes responsible for regulating uric acid levels in the body. When uric acid still remains high in the blood, small stone-like crystals may appear in various parts of the body. If this occurs in the joints of the feet, gout occurs. Feeling anxious is definitely very unpleasant.