Diamond 247 Keto All this becomes possible, since the diet is based on the basic, absolutely natural physiological needs of a person. And indeed, with its help it is possible not only to lose excess weight, but also to tone oneself, to saturate every cell of the body with energy, to feel more cheerful. How to drink water to lose weight? Do I need to drink glass after glass during the day at will? Or in order to lose weight, does it make sense to withstand certain time periods and pour yourself water in strictly defined volumes? As a rule, these and other questions arise for those who decide on a water diet for the first time. First of all, letís understand the main thing - does water help to lose weight, and if so, why does fatty tissue melt under its influence? If you want to lose weight, it is important to speed up the metabolic processes in the body. Water perfectly helps with this. With sufficient consumption, it positively affects energy metabolism, accelerates metabolism, and therefore helps to burn excess fat. If you restrict the flow of fluid and oxygen into the body, then the metabolism is reduced, cellulite is formed, excess weight appears, and, of course, performance decreases. You not only acquire tired skin color and fat folds on the sides and hips, but also cease to effectively cope with the tasks. Do you want to look your best and still feel strength and vitality? Are you ready to take up the mind and lose weight? Then you need to drink as much water as your body needs to saturate all organs. In this case, the metabolic rate will accelerate by about 3% and as a result, the fat will begin to slowly but surely melt. In addition, it is easy to understand how to lose weight on water, if you imagine the work of the stomach: full, it requires less food, but empty gives a feeling of hunger. Do you want to run to the refrigerator and look for something tasty? Stop and decide to drink some clean water.