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Thread: .container-fluid transparent background

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    .container-fluid transparent background

    Hello everyone,

    My very first question may be an easy one, hopefully.

    I can't make the container-fluid class to have a transparent background and I would like for the <html> to have a background image.

    I have tried different CSS properties such as:

    • background: none;
    • background: url(/img/transparent1x1.png) repeat;
    • background: transparent;

    But none of them work, is there something I could be missing here?

    Thanks anyone for any help provided...

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    You should set the image on body, not html.,css,output

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    Well, that seems to work just fine, I found a nice piece of css to make the background look real nice and responsive, maintaining aspect ratio at all times and they recommended using the background image on the html because, according to them, the html tag has a height of 100% and I thought I would better use the html tag for as long as I could but I'll implement this and keep an eye on it.

    Thanks so much for the help.

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