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    Formatting content for SM and XS devices

    I am new to Bootstrap and I have the following HTML code:

    <div class="row">
    <div class="col-lg-1 col-md-1 col-sm-2 col-xs-2">

    <div class="col-lg-5 col-md-5 col-sm-10...
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    How to span a column through all rows

    I am a Bootstrap newbie and I need a grid with the below structure but the last column should span through all the rows so it forms only one large column.
    If the grid has "n" rows I need a large...
  3. How to organize columns for different device sizes

    I am new to bootstrap and I have the following in mind. As you can see, for large and medium devices I need 3 columns, and for extra small devices I want 1 column. But for small devices I want 2...
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