View Full Version : Twitter to Facebook fan page & Vice-Versa - won't work now that original admin left

06-13-2014, 08:53 PM
We have a Facebook fan page which we had set up for our tweets to post to Facebook and vice versa.

The admin who started our fan page and our Twitter moved on from our volunteer organization and was removed as an Admin on Facebook. Our Twitter then stopped posting to Facebook.

When I logged in to Twitter to try and set up the tweets again, the profile said that the old Admin had to log in to connect to Facebook. I had him log in to connect to see if Twitter would recognize he was no longer a Admin and allow me to take over.

He said the option disappeared from his page so I logged out of the Facebook to Twitter connection, the cleared all cookies and cache, loged back in and asked to connect Facebook to Twitter and then went back to Twitter to log Twitter in to Facebook and the Twitter profile is STILL asking for the old Admin to login.

How can I get them connected WITHOUT the old Admin?

I sent in a request to Twitter but they have not responded in days. Thanks!